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Brittany 2018: Fougeres and St Malo

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

This year we went away with some friends who had a Camper Van, one could say this set us off dreaming at how brilliant it would be to own one. The first half of our holiday we were staying in Brittany, and the second part we were heading further south. I always find France the best place to wind down, the pace of their life forces you to for one and I have such a love affair with the food and wine that staying put in a lovely place with a veritable feast is my idea of heaven. I also had a 2 year old to contend with!

Our first day trip was to Fougeres to visit the castle.Its is one of the finest fortresses in Europe and also has a lovely medieval quarter. The castle was brought to life with interactive displays, which our eldest enjoyed. We enjoyed the morning at the castle before getting some lunch and a stroll around the medieval quarter. This was a lovely day out. There is also a good shopping district in the modern quarter and we bought what has been a go to card game for many years since from a french top shop, you can get this on Amazon. The game is called Piratatak by Djeco. Then we ended our day wandering around the beautiful public gardens next to the church.

Another trip we had planned was to go to St Malo. We spent the day wondering around St Malo's cobbled streets inside the walls and had.a very decent lunch; everywhere is connected to the sea faring past and pirates! After lunch we took a stroll around the tops of the walls to get some sea views before making our way down to the beach for a play in the sand. There is some wonderful shopping to be had also. A day did not feel enough, definitely on my list to come back to.

Family walking next to Fougere Castle

Waterfall inside Fougere Castle

Medieval Castle in Fougere

Children playing on Fougere Castle

Fougere walls

The courtyard within Fougere castle

The view from Fougere Castle

The view from Fougere Castle

The streets of St Malo

St Malo beer

Moule Frites in St Malo

On the beach in St Malo

The walled town of St Malo

The view of St Malo beach

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