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France 2017 - Camping at Les Ormes in Brittany

Updated: Apr 19

This was our first holiday with our 5 month old and felt a bit daunting now with our 4 year old, but when Granny suggested a family camping trip this seemed like the break that we all needed as our eldest would have his cousins to play with.

Les Ormes is a fantastic camping site, there is so much for the kids to do, we have nothing like this here in the UK. There are two waterparks, lots of climbing equipment, lakes with Pedlos, a go ape type adventure, and a really high zip wire that crosses over the lake that me and my 4 year old did at the same time on different lines - I still can't believe he did that!!

We spend most of our time here relaxing, spending quality time with family and ensuring the kids had copious amounts of fun.

We did have a couple of day trips during our stay. On the first trip, the four of us spent a day exploring the beautiful town of Dinan. We started in the Old town where we had a breakfast of crepes. We wondered around looking at the half-timbered houses. After that we climbed to the 13th Century castle to look at the wonderful views across Dinan, and walked along its ramparts, which is the oldest and most impressive in Brittany. Afterwards, we made our way back down to the river. Dinan has a very pretty port overlooked by stone houses where we had a nice relaxing lunch before heading back to our family in the afternoon.

On our second trip Granny and Grandad said they would have our eldest for the day so we could spend the day as a couple (with the 5 month old) which was lovely, the first time we had done that since our baby was born. As it was just us we decided to see world famous island abbey Mont Saint Michel as its something I have always wanted to do but have heard it can get quite busy. When you see it Mont Saint Michel is and awesome view, and when you are up there you can see all the salt marshes that surrounds it. The medieval town is full of shops and cafes and their famous Galettes biscuits. The climb to the top is worth it for the views and to see inside the abbey, equally the walk down gives you better views. It was a lovely day spent strolling, chatting and eating!

Brittany never fails to disappoint.

Swimming pools at Les Ormes campsite in Brittany

pedlos on the lake at Les Ormes in Brittany

Medieval buildings in Dinan

Medieval streets in Dinan

medieval street in Dinan

Medieval street in Dinan

father and son on castle walls in Dinan

Yachts moored on the Rance River in Dinan

The Rance River in Dinan

Mont St Michel

Road leading to Mont St Michel

Busy street in Mont St Michel

Busy street in Mont St Michel

Father and baby walking down spiral staircase

Dining room in Mont St Michel

Drawbridge wheel in Mont St Michel

Church at Mont St Michel

Contemporary Art at Mont St Michel

View out to sea at the top of Mont St Michel

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