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France 2018 - Part 2 - Pays de la Loire and the best zoo I have ever seen

For our second week we moved further south and stayed in Pays de la Loire. On our drive there our companions said we must visit the Bioparc de Doue-le-Fontaine. This is hands down the best zoo I have ever visited. The habitats are big for a start so you don't feel that it is cruel to the animals they house and secondly the whole park is literally carved out of rock, so it becomes a real journey going through the park to each area. Also they prioritise endangered animals and favouring a diversity of species makes it a real special day out, I cannot recommend this enough.

We had a small walk one afternoon when it was hot to Mont des Alouettes to visit the windmills and take a stroll around. It is also the finishing spot of the first stage of the tour de France. The views of the nearby countryside are great on a clear day.

After a few day lazing around the pool and doing local walks we then took a day trip out to La Rochelle, a port city in France that opens up to the Atlantic. After walking around the old port and the town we headed to the beach for a relax and play for the afternoon. At teatime I was on the hunt for some seafood and spotted these amazing fish platters and wanted to splash out on the last trip of our holiday. I was not disappointed. Chez Andre presented the most delicious fish platter I have ever eaten, washed down with a cold crisp glass of white wine, we were most definitely in our happy place. The children's fish and chips were also well received from our 2 and 6 year old.

If you would like to sample the fish platter you can book here:

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