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Weekend Camp in the New Forest

Updated: Apr 23

After our little maiden jaunt we were ready for a two-dayer. We picked Hollands Park Campsite in the new forest purely based on the excellent reviews. The site is in Brockenhurst and is hidden amongst the trees with wild ponies wandering amongst you, but then it opens up to an expanse of lawn for a lovely view and a good running around area for the children.

Adjacent to the campsite is lots of bike trails so naturally we took our time exploring these before cycling to a local pub for a well-earned tea. The pub was call the Huntsman and has a lovely outdoor seating area and exquisite menu for a local pub. A brilliant quick getaway this one for us and I'm sure one we will pull out ad hoc many times more.

Campervan set up in the New Forest

Looking through the forest onto the heath

New Forest Ponies

Brothers playing in the forest

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