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The Maiden Voyage to the New Forest!

Updated: Apr 23

To dip our toe into this water with our young family we decided on one overnighter to the edge of the New Forest, so if it all went horrendously wrong, were were about 40 minutes away from home. We need not have worried, our kids took to it like ducks to water! The excitement of the children is what this was all about for us and cemented the ideals we had in our minds about owning a campervan.

We stayed at Ashurst Campsite, which was an easy one to get to. It also has a pub next door, The New Forest Inn, so a bit of a treat for the adults as well. After a successful nights sleep albeit an early awakening we decided to hook the bikes up and go for a bike ride along Hengistbury Head all the way to Mudeford Beach, it was a delight to get to the seaside so quickly, the novelty of having the van with which we can all hook our bikes to all vibrant and shiny! However the only thing about cycling here was that we didn't have anything to go into the sea in... Doh! Lessons will be learnt for sure.

Setting up a campervan

Cycling along Hengistbury Head

Cycling to Mudeford Beach

A seashell

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