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South West Coast Path: Padstow and Trevone Bay Circular (7.5 miles)

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Almost one year later and I am back hiking a stretch of the South West Coast Path, this time with my Mum. We started in Padstow as I had a bit of a treat in store for Mum later. There is an all day car park that we pitched up at that thankfully had plenty of space at 10am. (Although this was during term time!). The start of our walk was the gate that takes you to the War Memorial on the cliff tops in Padstow, but before you walk up it you turn left and walk across a field next to a big hedge to your left, this is taking you off the South West Coast Path, so you can traverse diagonally across fields to reach Trevone Bay, where you pick the coast path up again. Along the way you see the old Padstow Airfield, and entire walk thusfar, you have the coastline in your sights. Trevone Bay was empty that day taken with a few surfers as the wind was slightly up. However because of this it is a blue flag beach and is a lovely spot. But it was a good resting spot with a small bit of refreshments before we picked up the coastal path again. As you climb up the cliff, you'll notice a big blowhole that has appears in the cliff, this is unmarked so be careful there is a perilous drop! The next leg of this walk is taking you towards Stepper Point. Stepper Point is a headland on the Atlantic Coast. At the tip of Stepper Point is a tall stone tower that must be some kind of navigational aid. Here we stopped for some more refreshment and watch the wild Atlantic coast. The route then turns right and heads up the Camel Estuary to Hawkers Cove. Here there is a great expanse of sand that you can depart the coastal path and walk along the beach instead before getting back on it at the end of the beach.

The rest of the route takes you back into Padstow, next to the Doom Bar and back to the War Memorial where we started. We then had some time before our treat to take a walk around Padstow harbour and peruse the shops, before heading back to the car for a quick outfit change, for our evening treat.

Yep, you guessed it! A lovely indulgent meal at Rick Stein's Restaurant. The perfect end to a perfect day. Link to walking route here.

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