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Romantic getaway for my 40th in Bath

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I will be honest, I was not looking forward to my 40th, I had a 2 year old who I was still breastfeeding and wasn't a brilliant sleeper and a high octane 6 year old who was full of life. I envisaged when 40 hit I'd have a big bash with people from every walk of my life (blimey it is not this is your life is it!!) but when the time came I wanted to crawl under the duvet and let it quietly slip on by.

Fortunately my husband attuned to this pulled out the best surprise ever! He told me he had a baby sitter for the night (first night away from our youngest since he was born) and we had an early start, promptly by my mum ringing the doorbell to start Nanny duties.

It turns out our destination was Bath. We were staying at the opulent Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa. The boy done good! We are seen to our room and we bump face to face with a celebrity, I am a bit awestruck but realise this is the place not to let that show and for their privacy will not disclose who it was but it definitely added to the excitement in staying in the type of place I have never stayed at before.

Seizing the day we head out for a walk around beautiful Bath and visit the Thermae Bath Spa because we really want to go in the thermal rooftop pool. Fortunately for us it was a sunny day in October and because its heated its even nicer outside as the air has a crispness to it. My favourite bit really was bobbing with my husband in a cuddle actually having a chat, a proper look in the eye talk that you just do not get with baby/toddlers. We needed this break.

In the afternoon we head back to our hotel where I have the most lush facial booked. I am blissed out by this point. Next we get ready for our evening meal at the Hotels acclaimed The Dower House Restaurant, we have the following taster menu:

Cep Soup, Sherry and Pistachio Truffle

Roasted Scallops, Jerusalem Artichoke, Smoked Eel, Apple, Wild Mushroom Consumme

Slow Cooked Everleigh Duck Egg, Duck Fat Toast, Leek's Morteau Sausage, Chicken Crisp, Chervil Jus

Barbecued Lamb Rump, Braised Shoulder, Crushed Swede, Redcurrant, Black Garlic, Red Wine

Cinnamon Panna Cotta, Poached Pear, Blackberry Sorbet, Candied Walnut

Iced Coffee Parfait, Dulcey Chocolate Mousse, Milk Ice Cream

The meal was delightful and such a lovely setting with a view of the gardens.

The next day we check out and go to the Roman Baths for a day out. This place is fascinating with its natural hot spring and Roman remains. We note that our eldest would like this and make a pact to come back at some point.

I've absolutely loved this time away with just me and my husband and we do feel a little bit more recharged now to go back to the working/parenting loop. If you want to book this hotel for a special occasion, visit

Royal crescent in Bath

Entering Thermae Bath Spa

Champagne arrival at my hotel

hotel suite in Bath

The restaurant at our hotel

Amuse bouche

Seared Scallop starter

a delicious main course

A lamb course

Blackberry Sorbet

A Trio of desserts

Roman Baths in Bath

Roman Baths in Bath

Roman Baths in Bath

Inside the Roman Baths

A roman mosaic in the Roman Baths

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