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Punting on the beautiful River Cam in Cambridge

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

This was a very strange impromptu trip for us. Meningitis B vaccines have just be made law for children of a certain age but ours missed that age by a couple of months, so like many people we were looking to pay for it privately so our son is also covered. However there was a national shortage. One day I had a call to say that there was some in but I would need to go to Cambridge. Well as any parent would, we said yes, realising that it was quite a way a way we ended up booking a Premier Inn, and made a weekend out of the trip. Cambridge is a city on the River Cam and home to one of the UK's most prestigious universities. There is some quite excellent shopping to be had here too.

We booked a chauffeured punt so we could explore the city some more. This way we could see some of the university gothic architecture and the famous mathematician bridge.

The mathematician bridge is also known as the wooden bridge and its quite unimposing. It is special because the arrangement of timbers is a series of tangents that describe the arc of the bridge, with radial members to tie the tangents together and triangulate the structure, making it rigid and self-supporting.

It was a lovely way to spend an hour in early spring before going to get some 'spikey medicine'.

If you fancy being chauffeured in a punt visit:

punting on the River Cam
Queens College from the River Cam

Punting under the Bridge of Sighs
Punting under the Mathematical Bridge

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