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Glamping and punting in Oxford

Updated: Apr 23

Myself and some of my best mum pals treated ourselves for a overnight escape from 'mumness' glamping in Oxford. We set out early so we could get to our campsite and drop off our items.

We are staying in a place called Valley Farm Glamping, that has a wonderful bell tent with a double bed and 2 singles set up for us. We call a taxi to take us into Oxford as we plan on a boozy night. We start our afternoon punting, which was much harder than it looked. We were flailing around a bit and to the amusement of two young lads, who come over and say to us, this is the hardest thing I've done in my life, where upon we coined the hashtag #braceyourself as one of my friends said, brace yourself life's about to get a whole lot harder, to which we all heartily laugh realising with humour and despair at the middle-age people we have become, it was refreshing and quite frankly what these sort of trips are totally about.

After our quite long punt, given our ineptitude of steering the thing, we land back where we started. We have a table booked at a gastropub called Magdelen Arms. The food here was astonishingly good. I had the prawns pil pil to start and I think this was possibly one of the best things I have ever eaten, followed by the pie immortalised in Jay Rayner's column that I shared with a friend. It was magnificent.

Feeling very full we depart and classily swing by the local co-op for some more wine to take to camp - this is what nights away with no children is all about!

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Punting under a bridge in Oxford

Punting in Oxford

Punting with a family of ducks

Punting entrance in Oxford

Prawn Pil Pil at the Magdalene Arms

The best Steak Pike at the Magdalene Arms

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