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Husband's 40th treat to The Pig in Brockenhurst

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Poor husband, the timing of his birthday was not great as we had an 8-week old, but not to be deterred, I decided on taking him to lunch at the well-reviewed amongst my friends 'Pig'. It did not disappoint. Prior to the meal they let me breastfeed in the lounge area so I could fill up my baby to ensure a nice nap over the lunch period, and my husband and I can enjoy our meal in peace (hopefully!). I had a non-alcoholic cocktail and my husband had a choice G and T and we ordered a bar snack of 'Piggy Bits' - I have an insatiable appetite at the moment!

After we have ensured baby is well and truly fed we take a stroll around the grounds to get the little fella to nap. It worked a charm. We carefully wheeled in one snoozy baby next to our table and enjoyed our meal - luckily for us (and everyone else) the baby napped through the whole sitting!

The menu here is constantly changing with the season and they are committed to home-growing produce and only using produce within a 25 mile radius so what you are eating is truly local. We also discovered as this is a hotel they also have a spa, so we dream of a future where we can escape just the two of us to this little oasis of calm and delight in the future.

The Pig restaurant in Brockenhurst

Gin and Tonics with an array of bar snacks at The Pig

Smoked Salmon Starter at The Pig

Spring lamb dish at The Pig

Duck dish at The Pig

sleeping baby at The Pig

Doughnut dessert at The Pig

Eton Mess at The Pig

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