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Exmoor Holiday Part Four: A walk on the Moor and a lovely day out in Lynmouth with a trip on a funicular

Our last two days in Exmoor couldn't be more different. We had done a lot of coastal activities and I now wanted to take a walk on the moors. We had the added bonus on this day to meet up with friends who were holidaying nearby, so we booked dinner at The Exmoor Forest Inn and planned a walk nearby so we could finish here and have some tea.

The walk in Exmoor took us around the farming estates in Simonsbath, as such this is definitely a lead walk for Digby as there are lots of roaming sheep. It has its beauty in a way that moors do but when the clouds came in it did cast the bleakness that is so synonymous with the moors. But there was lots of space for the children to run and the views of the valley were tremendous. The walk ended with us in the valley following the river back to the pub.

The Exmoor Forest Inn was very nice indeed, accommodated the 8 of us well, plus the dog and were lovely hosts, giving Digby lots of fuss, which he loves. The food was excellent and a very good range of beers and wine. Its always a treat to eat out when camping and this was top notch.

The next morning was our last day so we wanted to spend it in Lynmouth, where we were camping to mooch and do some shopping, I knew there was a dog-friendly beach there and a funicular which the kids would love.

The funicular was our first stop, this takes you up the steep cliff to Lynton. I was very pleased to discover that this was also dog friendly so we got our tickets, Digby was given a dog treat, and up we went. The views overlooking Lynmouth Harbour are terrific.

Lynton is a lovely town with lots of boutique shops, nice treat places, an awesome dog treat shop and the very quirky toy museum, where my husband and I reminisced with the toys that we thought were amazing (which they probably though were lame!). It was such a trip down memory lane. You can get the funicular back to Lynmouth but we decided to do the cliff walk down to soak up the views for longer. This walk also crosses the clifftop railway at various points so you can wave to people going up or down.

It was now lunchtime and we wanted to have some Fish and Chips, we ended up at this very quirky pub so Digby could sit and eat his snack and have some water. The food at The Ancient Mariner was excellent but the bar is such a delight to walk around with lots of seafaring art installations.

Afterwards we took a walk to the harbour stopping at quite a renowned ice-cream parlour to get a cone and then head to the beach. The west beach here is dog-friendly so Digby and the kids had lots of freedom to play whilst we sat down and admired the view across the Bristol Channel.

River running through the valley in Simonsbath

View of the farming land in Exmoor

Sheep on Exmoor

View of the valley in Simonsbath

Farmland in Exmoor

Two families walking on Exmoor

Remote Farmhouse in Exmoor

River running through Simonsbath

River running through Simonsbath

Exmoor Forest Inn

Lynmouth Harbour

Lynton Clifftop Railway

Family and dog inside a funincular

Travelling up a funicular

Lynmouth Harbour

The River in Lynmouth

River estuary in Lymnouth

Boy and dog playing on Lynmouth Beach

Watchtower at the end of Lynmouth Harbour

Lynmouth Harbour


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