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The Pre-Maiden Voyage to go Castle Spotting in Dover, Kent

Updated: Apr 19

Ok, this is not officially a camp, but we bought Bolan and already had this air bnb booked as once a year I take my mum away on a jaunt to say thank you for all the childcare she helps us with, when we are both juggling jobs and small children.

Our eldest this term has been learning about castles and I LOVE castles so did not need an excuse to google where is the best castle in the UK, of course it threw out Dover Castle. This was exciting in itself as I haven't been east of London... ever!

Now the beauty of going away in a van even if not sleeping in it is thus...

  1. No squashed up boot and kids in the back of the car

  2. Cup of tea whenever you want, lunch if you really feel like trying it out

  3. Super organised for any day trip eventuality

All in all a win win situation.

We were staying in a place called Eyethorne which was suitably placed for this weekends activities. First up was Dover Castle and it was me that couldn't contain my excitement. I have to say this is THE BEST CASTLE I have ever seen. The site is so large and has all parts in tact so it really fires up the imagination. I cannot recommend this enough. However there is also the secret wartime tunnels which too is utterly fascinating and I was shocked to discover the white cliffs of Dover were more than just a Vera Lynn song! My eldest had the best day out ever, castles and war in one day.

The next day we went to visit a wildlife park called Wildwood Trust in Herne Bay. Its unlike any animal park I had visited before as it helps conserve British wildlife, so we got to see so many animals that we wouldn't normally find in a conventional zoo. I was particularly taken aback by how big a Moose is. The best addition to the site is a bear enlcosure where you have to walk above them on rope bridges. These bears were rescue bairs from concrete prisons in Slovenia, so its lovely to see them here because of that.

Our last day we took a trip to Hastings for some traditional sea side action, walking along the promenade, going to a sealife centre and going on a few fairground rides, before packing up and coming home. Its really fun to drive high up in a van!

Dover Castle

Dover Castle

Moose sitting in the forest

Grizzly bear walking in the woods

Hastings beach

Fishing boat exhibition

Hastings old town

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