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Kentish Delights: Diggers, Fossils, Oysters and Viking Ships

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

This half term we picked Kent because there is a Viking Ship moored in Pegwell Bay. My eldest is just about to study Vikings so I thought this would be a cool thing to see. However near the ship is a nature reserve where we saw Seals bathing on the salt marshes, wild horses and Highland Cattle so a lovely walk was had before we went to the Viking Cafe for ice creams and to witness the ship in all its glory. The next day was all for my littlest; Diggerland. However, we all thought it was the best theme park ever. My eldest got to drive a Land Rover around a track and at 9 years old he thought that was the most awesome thing he had ever done, as well as driving a big JCB around a dirt safari track. My youngest also go to drive smaller diggers, go karts and dig up dirt, as well as other fairground attractions, this day was a big success. Afterward, the adults wanted a treat so we went to Whitstable for a walk on the seashore and a posh fish supper. Oysters and Lobster at the Lobster Shack. The Whistable Bay oysters were the sweetest I have ever eaten. There is a lovely outdoor veranda also so can see this being very popular in the summer.

On our third day in Kent we drove to Reculver Bay to view an old Roman fort then do a two mile cliff walk to Beltinge Bay to do some fossile hunting. This part of the UK is famous for finding fossilised sharks teeth. We were there for a good hour hunting when a family walked back saying they had been trying for last three days. Our hearts grew heavy, then suddenly we spotted a dark triangle and lo and behold found one, while all the while trying to front out a storm that was closing in. Thinking it was going in a different direction all of a sudden it caught us unawares and like drowned rats we walked back to our van.

Happy but soaking wet we decide to drive to Herne Bay to get some Fish and Chips to eat in the Van before going back to camp to get warm and dry. We bought our fish and chips from Shakey Shakey as they cook their fish fresh and had very good reviews. It was delicious, but what made them even more unique was a blend of spices that they give you in a bag to 'Shake' on your dinner, it was lemon-peppery greatness and reminded me of old school scampi fries. Back at camp on our last night we witnessed the most incredible sunset. We stayed at Painters Farm in Painters Forstal that nestles campers amongst a cherry orchard. A vibrant campsite with lots of children and music, we all loved it and our hosts were brilliant in providing us wood all hours for our firepits. There is a small shop on site to for essentials not to mention marshmallows and skewers for proper campfire action. On our last day I had booked us tickets to see 'Gaia' at Rochester Cathedral, and we also visited Rochester Castle as we all love castles. This one has a awesome view of the River and the Cathedral. Afterwards we had a steak dinner at Brettington's Steak House, which was delicious and the children's menu was very well received with baby back ribs on the menu. All this was done ahead of the Platninum Jubilee so we could make it back home for local festivities. All in all this was a very eventful but joyful half term.

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