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Part Three of the King Arthur Trilogy: Visiting the magical Tintagel Castle

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Tintagel is a medieval fortification set high on North Cornwall's rugged coast, and has long associations with King Arthur and Merlin. Many sources say this was where King Arthur was born. There is also a path that leads from Tintagel Castle to Cadbury Castle in Somerset, the trail called Arthur's way.

Just below Tintagel Castle on the beach is Merlin's Cave.This is a sea cave caused by marine erosion and the cave fills with water at high tide, but has a sandy floor and is explorable at low tide. Tennyson made Merlin's Cave famous in his Idylls of the King, describing waves bringing the infant Arthur to the shore and Merlin carrying him to safety.

Upon arrival you start on one side of the castle and you can now cross the relatively new bridge that rejoins the castle to the second half. The new footbridge reinstates the original route, offering visitors the chance to experience Tintagel Castle as it would have been in Medieval times. The bridge is paved with over 40,000 Cornish Delabole Slate so it compliments the surroundings perfectly and you get the most fantastic views. Making our way to the top and you reach the 8 Foot tall bronze sculpture of King Arthur overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. My youngest couldn't quite get his head around this. The kids loved climbing and exploring this rugged coastline. We then made our descent to grab some lunch then shortly after visit Merlin's Cave. The beach is great for beach-combing. My eldest found a piece of old pottery, that the shop assistant insisted it was part of Merlins Potions Pots, so he was chuffed for the rest of the day! Its a great way to steep yourself in history and myth and legend and get the fresh air and view the beautiful Cornish coastline.

We bought the Sword in the Stone book so we can bring all the King Arthur places we have seen to life.

If you would like to book tickets to Tintagel visit:

View of Tintagel brige
Father and Sons Walking over Tintagel Bridge
Tintagel Bridge
View of the cove at Tintagel
Two boys looking out from Tintagel Castle
Boy looking out of a window at Tintgel Castle
Doorway in Tintagel Castle
Boy walking along Tintagel Castle next to the cliffs
View from Tintagel Castle
Boys entering a natural cave in Tintagel Castle
Young boy walking through underground cave at Tintagel Castle
King Arthur Statue at Tintagel Castle
Plaque at Tintagel Castle
Merlin's Cave at Tintagel Castle
Beach next to Merlin's Cave at Tintagel Castle
Boy walking in the rocks at Tintagel beach
Entering Merlin's Cave at Tintagel Beach
Boy playing near waterfall at Tintagel Beach
Tintagel beach
Boy looking out to sea at Tintagel beach

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