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My Christmas Place

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I love the beginning of December. Often after a hard year's work and adulting the anticipation of some decent rest is cause enough to celebrate alone. I love decorating the house, the excitement of the children and the general magic Christmas brings, so there is only one place I go to to kick it all off... Burcot Farm. I love this place, not only do you get time to pick your exact tree at the height you want (for me its always a 7ft'er) but there is a hog roast, tasting bar from local brewery and other artisan treats to eat, and presents to buy. So I always make sure we go near lunch time.

Once you have picked your tree, you can go into the barn where there are lots of decorations and wreaths to pick, so it has become tradition now since having our first child that we pick a new ornament each year. They also have a children's display with snow machine and singing snowman which the kids love. Then Christmas Tree Day is always finished off with tree canapes and mince pies and a glass of Baileys whilst listening to Carols. The trees are fantastic and last the whole season too, I don't think you will be disappointed.

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