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Digby Dog walk around festive Stockbridge

Updated: 3 days ago

We are at the start of the exciting dog walks now with Digby, although we can't let him off the lead we are doing more and more exploring which is great fun for him and us.

Today I decided to take Digby and my Mum to Stockbridge. This is an annual outing for me as I love to order my fresh fish and cheese for Christmas from the wonderful Thyme and Tides Deli, where after our walkies, we can grab some brunch. This is a dog friendly deli with a heated garden area, perfect after a Winters walk, and they also have a little tin of dog treats for you furry friend.

The walk itself takes you down a riverside path next to Kudos coffee shop, which is also a dog friendly place. This path leads to Stockbridge Marsh, which is a wetland right behind Stockbridge High Street. Digby loved this place as it was his first chance to get close safely to water. He also loved the peaty bog like consistency and jumping on all the mole hills. As its a place where people can graze animals this also provided Digby a huge sniff-fest, I knew after this walk he was going to have the biggest most peaceful sleep later on.

Afterwards I needed to visit one of my favourite butchers to get some pig cheeks for a festive terrine I want to make and, we had some time to peruse the local shops. Stockbridge has some wonderful shops and they come into their own on the lead up to Christmas, here are a few of my favourites that are worth a shout out:

This is a dog day out that also gives you a little bit of joy too, what is not to love!

Lady and puppy walking along river to Stockbridge Marsh

Labrador Puppy enjoying Stockbridge Marsh

Stockbridge Marsh

Dog walking on Stockbridge Marsh

Stockbridge High Street

Thyme and Tides deli in Stockbridge

John Robinson Butchers in Stockbridge

Willow and Co Interiors in Stockbridge

Mokaya Cocoa Shopfront in Stockbridge

The Garden Inn shopfront in Stockbridge

The Little Whiskey Shop in Stockbridge

Cleverly Wrapped shopfront in Stockbridge

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