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Easter Holiday in Worcestershire Part Two: Stratford-upon-Avon and a hike along Shakespeare's Way

Another reason we stayed at Bredon Vale Campsite was its proximity to Straftord-Upon-Avon as well as the Malvern Hills.

My son has just learnt his first Shakespeare text 'The Tempest' and really enjoyed it so an educational outing was on the cards for today. Whats more Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust and the three sites your ticket gives you entry to are all dog friendly, which was a bonus for us as we've not left Digby for a whole day and didn't want to.

Our ticket got us entry into Shakespeare's Birthplace, His 'New Place' and Ann Hathaway's Cottage a short drive away. All three are interesting and have lots of art installations and sculptures about all of Shakespeare's written works. The gift shops are great for collecting his written works too in beautifully bound books.

Sadly, our half term didn't coincide with half term here and we missed Midsummers Night Dream, the only Shakespeare play that was on in the evening was Love's Labours Lost which I didn't think appropriate for a primary school child. I will have to look up what is on at the Globe anon. However the day out was informative and we felt we got to know more about our most famous writer and did a spot of shopping in this lovely town.

Like Shakespeare's homes, Straftord-upon-Avon is awash with Tudor style timber buildings which makes a very picturesque town. We decided to have lunch in one called The Garrick which claims to be the oldest pub in Stratford, complete with its own ghosts. The food and beer were excellent and the pub was cosy and dark and transportive to a former time, we loved it.

The next day we wanted to go on a walk around Shakespeare's Way so chose a circular 4 mile route from a Village called Clifford Chambers to another village called Preston on Stour. This walk leads you to Preston on Stour through lots of farmland, this time of year we were wading through lovely yellow fields of rapeseed.

I loved Preston on Stour, it was like going back in time the village is full of old buildings and no new builds in sight. The gardens were beautifully kept too, it was such a pleasure to walk around. I sadly mis-judged and was hoping there was some place to grab some lunch as I didn't pack a picnic today, alas there wasn't so we had to hot--foot it back where we started so we could get some food at the end of our walk.

The walk back took through the Alscot Estate where you can view the Grade I gothic style house amidst some beautiful landscape along Shakespeare's Way.

Our loss of eatery at Preston on Stour was short lived as the next village along in Welford on Avon we found the glorious Bell Inn. This was such a lovely pub, we sat with our beers and watched the Grand National before ordering food. I was beside myself to find faggots on the menu. I love anything offal and my family hate it so its always a pleasure when I can have a dinner like this. It was heavenly and just what I needed after a hearty countryside walk. I feel sad that we don't seem to have pubs like this where we are anymore.

I have been very pleasantly surprised with our visit to the West Midlands, it was full of beauty and some fun activities for the kids. We head home with another school holiday firmly done and dusted.

Shakespeare statue in Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare's Birthplace Garden

Shakespeare's Birthplace

Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon

A noble fool statue in Stratford-upon-Avon

Refreshment at The Garrick in Stratford-upon-Avon

The Garrick bar

The Garrick, oldest pub in Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare's New Place Garden

Shakespeare's New Place

Art installation at Shakespeare's New Place

Ann Hathaway's Cottage

Ann Hathaway's Cottage

Labrador walking amongst rapseed

Walking through the rapseed fields

Pretty home in Warwickshire Village

Pretty home in Warwickshire village

Views overlooking the Alscot Estate

The stately home in the Alscot Estate

Views from a walk along Shakespeare's Way

The Bell Inn in Welford upon Avon

uWonderful faggots from the Bell Inn in Welford Upon Avon

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