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Book Club: Step By Step - My Life in Journeys

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Like most people I found Simon Reeve on BBC travel documentaries. These programmes are so honest and at times shine a light on uncomfortable subjects that we should all be aware of; as well as visiting far flung places of this earth and meeting the most eclectic humans on the planet.

As well as his amazing travels he has had what can only be described tumultuous life, and a difficult start, which makes this biography so searingly honest. There are parts of history he was involved in that I had no idea, particularly surrounding the terrorist attacks. He is an utterly fascinating man and very warm and funny. One could say I have developed a sort of crush!

This book club choice had me sobbing and laughing and tapped into my wanderlust. If you love reading biographies and you love travel (which I know you do!) then this is up there with the best of them. I cannot recommend it enough!

Step by Step - Simon Reeve Autobiography book cover

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