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Book Club: Raynor Winn's 'The Wild Silence'

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

So deeply moved by Raynor Winn's first novel 'The Salt Path' I had this on hardback pre-order. It was so comforting to catch up with Ray and Moth from their stopping point on the coastal path of the last book.

Good things happen to good people and you just know that Ray and Moth are salt of the earth people. It is with great joy in the next novel you see the world of opportunities open up to them, leading them down another path in their life. Always intrinsically linked with the earth this journey sees them not running but grounding and setting roots into the land and breathing life back into the land and themselves.

Not without a long distance path, Ray and Moth once more don their rucksacks and take to the Wild Silence of Iceland, whereby acceptance of their place in the universe and the natural molecular cycle of life takes place and with that I feel Ray has finally reached a state of acceptance.

Ray and Moth's lifelong love is triumphant and uplifiting; and their understanding of each other and the needs that nature brings to each other when overcoming discomfort, whether physical or mental is what makes this book so special.

I sincerely hope there is another long path awaiting them in the not too distant future.

Front Cover of The Wild Silence by Raynor Winn

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