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Sunday afternoon river stroll around Longparish in Hampshire

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

After a morning of sport it was such a lovely day we didn't want to waste not going out in it. Before our barbecue we decided to visit Longparish and walk the 3.5 mile 'Riverdance Walk' to appreciate the good weather and work up an appetite.

Longparish consists of numerous hamlets, including Forton, Middleton, West Aston and East Aston, lying along the west bank of the beautifully clear waters of the River Test that is famous for its trout fishing. The valley is about half a mile wide, with Harewood Forest to the north and west. You will also walk past a trout fishery if you are a keen angler.

This walk starts at St Nicholas' which is a 13th Century church then takes you over many bridges to view the many parts of the River Test; perhaps play pooh sticks or find a nice secluded picnic spot. You also weave through the village so you can do that 'dream house' spotting that I love to do when walking round picture box villages. One such place had a very kind lady tending to her garden who called us over to take some of her windfall cox apples. We all took one gratefully and all agreed possibly the best apple we have eaten. You will also get to see the beautifully restored Upper Mill, which is now privately owned.

There is lots of livestock grazing and at this time of year fallow fields along out walk and various views of the impressive stately Longparish House. If you require refreshment about 5 minutes from the end of the walk is The Cricketers Inn. We didn't at this point go but I am keen to as it has recently been taken over and they seem to have lots of exciting things planned as well as a good menu that focuses on local produce and some award-winning beers. So maybe a longer Longparish walk and a visit here would be a great shout in the future.

If you fancy this walk, download this here: To book a table at the Cricketers Inn visit:

Church in Longparish
ducks on the River Test
Goats in a field
Sheep in a field next to the River Test
Longparish House
An old mill in Longparish
Family looking at a weir
Two children walking over a wooden bridge in Longparish
Family walking around a field in Longparish
Picturesque village of Longparish

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