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Pub Stop: 10 year anniversary at the Crab and Boar Gastropub in Newbury

Updated: Apr 24

This year now we have Bolan, we thought we'd escape the night and visit somewhere further afield for a lovely meal and stopover, so a night away from the children to boot. The Crab and Boar in Newbury were happy to have us sleep in their car park providing we were aware that there are no facilities that we can use during the night/early morning.

So donning our glad rags and swiftly leaving Nanny to do the bed routine we drove 45 minutes away to this lovely gastropub.

What we ate:

  1. Claire & Mat Starter: Local Partridge Salad – Confit leg and liver pate, pickled cabbage, smoked almonds, pomegranate & autumn leaves

  2. Mat Pasta – “Sea Rock” Home-Made Spaghetti – Mixed shellfish, sun-dried tomato, preserved lemon and smoked mozzarella sauce

  3. Claire Pasta – Home-Made “Crab & Boar” Mezzelune – Guanciale, fresh picked Cornish crab and bisque sauce

  4. Mat Main – Cripsy Pork Belly – Grilled fennel sausage on mash potato, sautéed broccoli, buttered cabbage and smoked apple puree

  5. Claire Main – Cornfed Chicken Breast – Leg ballotine, mustard croquette, confit root vegetables, tarragon velouté

  6. Dessert – Brandy Alexander and Woodford Reserve Bourbon

It was a delicious meal and a lovely atmosphere here, what made it even better was the very short stumble to our bed!

If you want to book visit

Crab and Boar Gastropub in Newbury

Ravioli starter

Duck salad

Candlelit cocktail

Morning coffee in the Van

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