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Product Review: Drawstring Make-Up Bag

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

I was getting really fed up rummaging through my case for various creams, make-ups and 3 different toothpastses for 3 different age groups that I searched for a solution and found this! So easy, like those big lego bins you can now get, I thought this such a simple yet very effective idea. I've just opened it up to test for a quick overnighter we are doing today, and now feel relived its not going to take me half an hour to find all mine and my kids toiletry needs in a squashed up van. Total vanlife hack! Search drawstring make-up bag in amazon and there are a whole load of different designs, and on the plus side I thought relatively cheap! I will now have 20 minutes longer to enjoy a leisurely coffee of a morning now.

Drawstring make up bag

Drawstring make up bag

drawstring make up bag

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