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Lifeboats and Garlic - Surprising finds in the Isle of Wight

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

My eldest had a football tournament in the Isle of Wight, so we hired a caravan and brought my mum along for kicks. I didn't know what to expect from this weekend as for once this was something my Husband organised being the head of my footballing clan. We stayed at Nodes Point Holiday Park, which had electric hook up spaces (noted!). The park has private access to a shingle beach that has a cafe and amenities. And the park itself had Swimming Pool, Arcade and provided entertainment each evening. I confess it wasn't my usual thing but as we were all here on mass with all the football team, the boys had the time of their lives, and the adults enjoyed themselves too. We decided it would be a good place to come back to with all our family as has chalets of differing luxury, Glamping Tent and hook ups so can cater for everyone. The football tournament spanned two days in either the morning or afternoon, so there was some time to go exploring while we were on the Island. On the way to Newport, I noticed a sign saying Garlic Farm, so thought that has got to be worth a visit with my Mum. The Garlic Farm not only grows lots of garlic but there are two walks around the grounds (we did both), a restaurant, cafe - (which we visited post walk for the most delicious garlic bread), and a shop for all things garlic related. As a side note, as an avid cheese fan, I am always wanting to taste different chutneys to find THE BEST ONE! My husband even referenced in his wedding speech, he would join me on my constant quest to find the world's greatest chutney... well I think I have. The Garlic Farms Celebration Chutney is to die for!

After one last big night for the lads after their presentation evening, we had a morning spare to sightsee before we got the ferry home. We wanted to go for a beach walk so we headed to nearby Bembridge. Bembridge has a shingle beach and a huge pier in the distance. Walking nearer we see it was a lifeboat station with a ramp into the sea. We spotted a cafe at the top and smelt the bacon sandwiches a mile off so decided that's what was required on this morning after the night before. Then we noticed the pier to the lifeboat station was open so we took a walk to take a look. It was a exciting to find the lifeboat station open with a lovely gent inside to explain what the lifeboat team do and to show us the equipment, not to mention the magnificent boat. Kids were enthralled. When a lifeboat goes out it goes out with a minimum of 6 people on board with one paramedic. We took some pictures, listened to the stories then donated to the RNLI; realising we are lucky to have them. This was quite an unexpected surprise to the morning's activities.

Bacon butties consumed, then back to the car to get the ferry, vowing to return to the island as this has van trip written all over it! P.S. Bembridge lifeboat station does practice drills on a tuesday night (but was also told to check the website) for that added wow factor.

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