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Visiting Danebury Hill Fort in Hampshire

After a swift stop to Danebury Hill Fort at our last walk here, we knew we needed to come back to investigate it properly, and we did on a lovely spring day in early March. I'm so glad we waited rather than coming here on new year's day as the weather was much warmer and as such the boys thought this was just the best adventure playground of climbing and running around the Fort. This is probably the largest of the hill forts I have been to so far, it is around 5 hectares and there is Highland cows grazing at the top. Evidence suggest this fort was built 2500 years ago and was occupied until the arrival of the Romans.Some of the key Iron Age finds here at the fort have been preserved at the nearby Iron Age Museum in Andover, so if you wanted to make this a day trip you could do both in the same day. However as a walk you can spend a good couple of hours hear walking around, there are 3 ring circuits if you wanted to see all vantage points, as Danebury is provides great panoramic views of the Test Valley and beyond.

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