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Normandy Finale: A D-Day breakthrough; Adrenalin chasing Festyland and the ever so pretty Honfleur

Our last few days in Normandy didn't disappoint. We had a quiet Sunday where we wanted to chill at camp and watch the Woman's World Cup Final (come on your Lionesses!). In the morning I got up and drove to the a wonderful bakery, which we found out of desperation as the local one in our village had closed for their holidays! However, I wasn't too disappointed. A ten minute drive to the next village along gave me my Boulangerie fix, and it became our morning ritual before any visit, as the baguettes were so delicious, and there was a shop next door for ham and cheese. We had these baguettes daily when not eating lunch out. So a very big shout out to Aux délices de Bény in neighbouring Beny-Bocage for creating such delicious breads and pastries.

After a lazy morning, and a lovely lunch we walked out into the village where our campsite was (Saint Martin des Besaces), we heard there was a small but informative museum there on the war-history surrounding the place we had been staying in, it would have been rude not to take a look.

The museum, although small is fascinating. Martin Des Besaces was under German occupation as it had a railroad and main road at a crossway point, so quite a strategic place for war advancements. The museums focus was on the battle between the Germans and the British 11th Armoured division. After landing at Juno beach this British army came to this village to seize it and subsequently liberated the French here and neighboring Beny-Bocage. So proud of our men for this strategic endeavour. It really is quite a moving musuem and worth a visit if you are camping here.

The next day was a day we planned purely for the children and that was a visit to Festlyland - a Medeival themed theme park near Caen. It was a pure adrenalin chasing day with rides ranging from the sedate to the terrifying. Perfect for all age ranges. It was a scorching day so we were really grateful they served ice cold beer at all the eateries across the park! Our favourite rides were Thors Hammer, Kaskade and The Big Tournament.

Our last day took us on a drive to Honfleur. I had seen this harbour town from beautiful photos and I wanted to see it for myself. It didn't disappoint. It had a lovely charm to the place. The harbour is very picturesque with lots of cafes and restaurants around its circumference so you can sit and really enjoy the view.

Honfleur is a very artistic place with lots of galleries dotted around its back streets. The old harbour is lined with 16th Century townhouses and has been the subject of Cloude Monet and Eugene Boudin.

The children were entertained with the train that takes you to the top of the hill and back again so you can see the view of Normandy bridge, also there is a big wheel at the harbour which we all enjoyed going round.

Our day ended on the Vieux-Bassin eating delightful seafood with a crisp bottle of white wine soaking up Honfleurs wonderful atmosphere.

Museum about the liberation of Saint Martin des Besaces

Picture showing the war devastation to Saint Martin Des Besaces commune

Picture showing French locals giving British soldiers some Calvados

Two pictures of Saint Martin des Besaces decades apart

The Pirate boat ride at Festyland

The Kaskade ride in Festyland

Thors Hammer ride at Festyland

The old harbour in Honfeur

The old harbour in Honfleur

The Ferris wheel near Honfleur harbour

View of Honfleur taken from the ferris wheel

View of Honfleur harbour taken from our restaurant table

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