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My Mum's and my guilty pleasure - Harry Potter Studio Tour in Hertfordshire

Updated: Apr 19

When I was growing up my mum worked at Hampshire Schools Library Service, which was a real treat for me as I had access to tons and tons of books, plus got to read early releases, so back in the late 90's when the Philosopher's Stone was released, I got access to it. Although I was a late teenager at the time, I still loved it and it drew on all those childhood books I knew and loved, and my mum loved them as well, so we diligently went about reading the whole series.

Then came the films... It was always a treat at Christmas time to go to the newest release in the Harry Potter series, and of course I took my mum.

So when Harry Potter Studio tour was built in 2012, I knew I just had to go and who I needed to take, trouble was I was heavily pregnant. Then as is the case in the first couple of years in a child's life, this was the last thing I could think of doing. Then I got pregnant again and realising it was take another age to get to this again, I decided to take mum for her birthday and a birthday treat for me when I was 5 months pregnant. I have a spectacular photo of me and my bump flying on a broomstick!

I can't explain to you the scale of this place, its crammed full of Harry Potter items, its really fascinating to see how things were made as well, but you really must complete all films before visiting else you will lose the magic. We easily could spend the whole day here and its the kind of place you will want to come back to again, luckily for me I will have my children to come and do this with. I didn't feel guilty leaving my 3 year old at home as I have promised myself that I would time Harry Potter just right when he can read it and understand it and then love it like I do. So in the bookshop I bought the new illustrated hardback version of the first book, so that I can gift this to him when the time is absolutely right alongside Harry Potter's wand. He did get a chocolate frog though as soon as we got back.

Mum and I also got to sample some Butterbeer and buy some novelty glasses. This was a great day out for young and old who has a real passion for all things Harry Potter.

You can book your visit here:

The Weasley's flying car
Harry Potter's Cupboard under the Stairs
crowd outside Hogwarts entrance
Hogwarts Professor's costumes
Gryfindor bedroom
Hogwarts Clock
Professor Snape's Potions Room
Hagrid's flying motorbike
Firebolt broomstick
Weasley's kitchen
Death eaters meeting
Hogwart's Express
students on the Hogwarts Express
The Knight Bus
Hogswarts invitations flying out of a fireplace
public walking through Diagon Alley
model of Hogwarts Castle

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