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Fun for the kids at Wookey Hole and a hike around Ebbor Gorge

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Continuing on our gorge theme and ensuring there is some fun for the kids we visited Wookey Hole. Although Cheddar Gorge was closed Wookey Hole Caves were open so the three of us took our masks (youngest excempt) and went there in the morning.

I must confess seeing all those people was a slight shock to the system and we felt that we were doing something wrong which gave the day a slight edginess that you would never even thought possible 6 months ago. But the kids were none the wiser and it was good to give them something of the normal holiday activity that we normally would, we are very grateful that our kids love walking as much as we do!

Wookey Hole is a lot smaller than my 8 year old self remembered, which is ironic as they are the largest show caves in England; but it is still as interesting walking through these ancient caves, and seeing all the stalagmites and stalactites. My youngest was particularly taken with it and is still talking about it a week later.

Some parts of the additional areas were closed due to Coronavirus so it took us only a couple of hours to see everything we needed to.

After lunch we walked a short way up the road from Wookey Hole to the Ebbor Gorge walk. This circular walk takes you up through woodland and around farmland up the top of Ebbor Gorge but the walk down is when it is particularly spectacular. You can see the famous paper mill that is now a grade-II listed building as you descend.

Ebbor Gorge is now managed as a nature reserve. Various caves within the gorge were occupied by humans in the Neolithic Era and their tools and flint arrow heads have been discovered along with pottery from the Bronze Age.

Unfortunately for us the heavens opened halfway round this walk and we sheltered for about half an hour in woodland, realising that whilst it had lessened it was not going to stop we just pushed on through. I didn't mind the wet but what was disappointing for us was the view coming down, I knew it was particularly spectacular but would have been stupendously spectacular on a clear day. So I feel that I must come back and do this walk again in the future - perhaps when Cheddar Gorge caves are opened again.

We also picked up some Wookey Hole cave cheese and soon the Cheddar, Cheddar off will commence!

Afterwards, a tad wet we went to a wonderful pub in Wookey called the Ring O'Bells and the three of us all had a great steak - it was my eldest first steak but with all the walking he has been doing he deserved it.

To visit Wookey Hole, book here:

If you fancy walking Ebbor Gorge while you are there, download the route from here:

Stalagmite at Wookey Hole
Stalagmite at Wookey Hole
Underground lake in Wookey Hole
Stalagmite and Stalagtites in Wookey Hole
Lots of stalagmites in Wookey Hole
Underground tunnels in Wookey Hole
Cave Aged Cheddar in Wookey Hole

Walking over a misty rainy Ebbor Gorge
Misty and Rainy Ebbor Gorge

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