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Cycling around Bosham, West Sussex

On our second day of 2021 maiden camp we decided to get our bikes out and cycle to the picturesque harbour village of Bosham. Outside our campsite (Chichester Camping and Caravanning Site) is an immediate cycle route to all the inlets of Chichester Harbour, so today on recommendation we went to Bosham. Bosham is has lots of winding streets with cafes and artizan shops and a wonderful quayside pub The Anchor Bleu, where we had a lovely lunch.

As we reached Bosham, you sweep down into the quay then cycle around the peninsula before reaching the foreshore. Here you aren't allowed to cycle so we walked our bikes around. This time we were on the opposite side now looking back at Chidham and the walk we did yesterday. At the end of the foreshore you can catch a ferry that takes you to Chichester harbour, so you can continue your cycle ride should you want to make it longer, but with young kids we didn't want to wait as we did not coordinate our arrival times accordingly. You then take the road back that takes you back the the quay. By the time we came back the tide was almost in, and alongside the wall of the church it struck me as the perfect place to go crabbing. All in all much fun can be had in this quaint harbour village, not to mention a serious amount of dream home window shopping.

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