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Weekend Camp in Chichester - Walking around Chidham Peninsula

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

As soon as Covid restrictions were lifted we were off. I had planned to go to Chichester as my son missed his school trip to Fishbourne Palace during lockdown, but alas, these facilities are not open until May. Not to be deterred we went anyway, even in the knowledge that the Camping & Caravanning Chichester site wouldn't have any facilities during our stay, we were just to desperate to get away from home for a few days. To be honest the campsite was cramped with very little green and surrounded by houses, my 4 year old gave it a bad review, however it was so cold (we've never been away this early in the season before) it didn't bother us as we just went out during the days and got home and got into bed and read. That said in the summer I don't think this site would go down well with my children, despite being very central to lots of excellent day trips. One for the olds I'd say (people wanting to escape children!).

After setting up we set out to walk Chidham Peninsula. This walk follows the sea wall around Chidham, facing Bosham across the many inlets of Chichester Harbour, flat wheat fields on the other side and in the distance the the long ridge of the south downs. Its one of those walks that the panorama delights at every turn. The well washed trees along the mudflats are excellent for climbing and when the tide is out, there is a feast of interesting finds, my son was delighted to find two thin long bones, for example.

As it is part of Chichester Harbour, it is a site of Scientific Special Interest as it is a wetland for wild birds. The harbour, and this part Cobnor Foreshore is of particular interest to wintering wild fowl and waders of which 5 of these numbers are of international importance. After this lovely 5 mile walk we booked a table at the Bosham Inn for a well earned refreshment. The food and array of drinks here was outstanding, I thoroughly recommend. For more details on this walk click here.

Walking around the Chidham Peninsula

The waterways around the Chidham Peninsula

Boat house on the Chidham Peninsula

Walking around the Chidham Peninsula

Walking on the Chidham Peninsula

Wooden bridge on the Chidham Peninsula
View to the Isle of Wight from Chidham Peninsula

Salt Marshes around Chidham Peninsula

Boy walking around the Chidham Peninsula

View of the field surrounding the Chidham Peninsula

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