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May Bank Holiday stay in Blandford Forum

Now the world is slowly opening up again and after a flat half term previously I booked us a stay in Dorset as I had pre-booked tickets to Monkey World in Dorset. I booked us to stay at Coombe Down Farm in Blandford Forum, I had to redeem myself in the eyes of my children from our last trip (that they likened to a car park), so here was my offering, lovely open field surrounded by woodland and dens and climbing trees, not to mention the spectacular sunsets in the evening across undulating fields; Mummy back in the good books! On our first day I wanted us to do a long walk as I need to do one at the weekend for my walk 1000 miles challenge, but to make it interesting I told them we were going on a giant hunt. And that we were, to Cerne Abbas. This is a 6.5 mile walk around Cerne Abbas to Minterne Magma and back. Its really quite a spectacular walk as you rise through the village to Cerne Abbas across the ridge, with spectacular views either side, and looking over the Manor House at Up-Cerne. Then on your way back you see the Giant in the distance until you reach the viewing point to see the Giant in all his glory. Sadly the weather had turned by the time we got to camp so we just parked up and got warm and snuggly with our books. If you are interested in this walk you can download it here. Day 2 we had tickets to Monkey World. I have to confess since the 90's with Monkey Business on TV I had always dreamed of working at Monkey World and now as an adult still believe if I ever win the lottery I would volunteer there. It did not disappoint. The different monkeys to see is not only great to watch up close, but the fact they are all rescued from illegal trade, makes this seem like the most excellent retirement village possible, all the enclosures have the most interesting climbing dens, and their nurseries have blankets. I feel a lot of love went into this which makes me happy. And of course the kids thought it was wonderful. That night we head back to camp with a welcome break in the weather. To capitalise on the sunshine and our lovely campsite spot, we barbecued and had s'mores and watched the sunset with a campfire. Pure bliss and fun for all of us. Monday, we woke knowing the weather was going to turn, so we got out early and had breakfast at the BoatHouse in Lulworth Cove, then did a spot of beachcoming before the winds picked up and we headed home. Another lovely family weekend, and I could not recommend our campsite more.

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