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Hike: From Cheesefoot Head across the South Downs to Chilcomb and back.

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Starting at the car park at Cheesefoot Head you immediately get the most spectacular views across the downs. I soon realise these expansive big sky views are abundant throughout the whole walk, so was pleased we packed a picnic so we can pick a spot and admire our surroundings. This walk explores the Western edge of the South Down National Park and the views from the beginning stretch all the way to Calshot and the Isle of Wight. It is here we pick a spot for our bread and cheese picnic as we started our walk at lunchtime. You continue across Fawley Down until you reach Twyford where there is a World War I memorial. This part of the country was a transit camp for troops on their way to the battlefields of the Western Front. A bit further on you then pass through a modern MOD firing range before entering the South Downs way path to the village of Chilcomb where there is a lovely Saxon church. You are then back on the homeward loop back to the car park, soaking up those breathtaking views once more across Winchester. There are no refreshment stops on this walk, so a picnic is required but that is just as well with the lovely views this 7-mile walk has to offer.

In addition there are equal amounts of cyclists on this route (my youngest was on his balance bike), so some lovely mountain biking to be had here as well. This route is found in this OS Pathfinders Book

Views across Cheesefoot Head

Boy on bike at Cheesefoot Head

Views across the South Downs

War Memorial in Chilbomb

Family walking in Chilcomb on the South Downs

Boy riding bike on the South Downs

Church in Chilcomb

Field views on the South Downs

Famly walking back up to Cheesefoot Head

Views across the south downs at Cheesefoot Head

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