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Dad and lad bonding trip in Swanage

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

We became very aware after having our eldest for 4 years prior to another baby in the house that a lot of focus is shifted and my eldest was a boy who revelled in attention, so my husband decided that they would have a lads trip away to reconnect.

Mat chose Downhays Farm Campsite as it had all the basic needs he wanted so they could cook in the van (man and fire) and get back to.basics. The view of the campsite was awesome and you could see Corfe Castle and the sea. Situated in Harmans Cross you can also walk down to the Steam Railway train station that takes you one way to Corfe and the other to Swanage. This is what the boys did so they could have a day at the beach and get to ride a steam train!

Campervan set up in Swanage hillside

Cooking Sausages in the Campervan

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