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Weekend Escape to the Dorset Seaside

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

After a couple of forest camps we were now itching to get beside the Sea. I had never been to Durdle Door in Dorset, before so we splashed out a bit and stayed at the very lovely Durdle Door Holiday Park. The location is spot on being right on the doorstep on the beach and it also have some lovely play equipment for the children.

Day one we woke up, bought some fresh pastries from the local shop and got a picnic together to head to the beach. What I didn't know was there was quite a steep incline going down to the beach and I had to carry my 2 year old most of the way down, but we did it! Durdle Door is majestic to look at and the cove was small enough to feel keep an eye on my wondering boys. The seas was lovely too and we all had a swim in the shallows. In the afternoon we decided to venture up the steps and head to the second beach the other side called Man of War, this felt a little more open than the other cove, also there was a good area to do some rock pooling. The walk back was probably the worst of it but thats because we had a 2 year old with us!

The next day we headed out to Lulworth Cove. Its a picturebox pretty village and the cove was lovely, that day the weather was calm and my eldest spend most of it bobbing on his inflatable tyre, while my youngest ate ginormous ice creams.

As usual weekend breaks go quickly and we did not want to return home.

Durdle Door in Dorset

Boy standing in the waves at the foot of Durdle Door

View of Man O' War beach from the top of the cliffs

Rock Pooling on Man O' War beach

Lulworth Cove

Children watching the boats at Lulworth Cove

Boy floating on a rubber tyre in Lulworth Cov

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