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Chestnut gathering in Stoke Park Woods, and finding the chestnut perfect recipe

Stoke Park Woods is a mixture of ancient woodland and newly planted trees, with lots of wide paths and narrow footpaths so is ideal for walking and cycling.

There are plenty of hills to climb, a cycle track for serious bmx'ing and climbing apparatus for children. Plenty of walks lead of from this to the nearby River Itchen and if you fancy a refreshment you can easily walk to the Fox & Hounds pub for some refreshments.

These beautiful woods have a mixture of Conifers and Beech, Horse Chestnut and Birch, and this time of year there is an abundance of chestnuts, so we gathered a bag of them so we can cook up some recipes with this lovely autumnal treat. We also did a spot of mushroom spotting and found purple mushrooms, which I have never seen before, unfortunately I am not well versed in mushrooms (yet!).

I wanted to find the perfect chestnut recipes to make so here it is my chestnut 3 courser (not that you would have this in one go as would be chestnut overload)!


Chestnut Soup with Bacon and Thyme Croutons - click here for recipe


Venison with Braised Potatoes, Celeriac and Chestnuts - click here for recipe


Make a sweetened chestnut puree - see how here

Chestnut Chocolate Pot - click here for recipe

If you fancy some chestnut gathering in Stoke Park Woods - visit

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