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Campsite Review: Trevedra Farm and the short walk to Sennen Cove

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

The next leg of our trip took us as far west as we could get. We were heading to Penzance to stay at the wonderful Trevedra Farm in Sennen. We were recommended this site from some friends and it did not disappoint. This site is large but with great facilities and is right on the cliffs overlooking the sea. At night-time you can see our incredible night sky due to low light pollution and you are also treated to spectacular sunsets sinking into the sea.

There is also a cafe on site that was delivering takeaway in the age of Coronavirus and their pasties were to die for. If that wasn't enough they also have a pizza van on certain nights and a Pop Waffle van which proved highly popular with the kids (no surprises there!); as well as a well stocked shop. The only drawback was it wasn't licensed to sell alcohol, so you will need to stock up before you go.

The campsite pretty much leads directly to Gwynver Beach but as we had just had Storm Ellen and Storm Francis was on its way the sea was pretty choppy so we decided to go to the larger Sennen Cove which is a bit further down as that is slightly more child friendly. And the walk down to Sennen is lovely and I got to eat lots of salted blackberries (like in the Salt Path novel).

Sennen Cove was a lovely well-manned beach with lifeguards and safety flags so I felt that my eldest going body boarding in the post stormy sea was an ok thing to do. We also took it in turns to monitor of course as it was pretty choppy. I was mesmerised. It was the first time I had actually seen surfers surfing in real life.

The Cove has a small array of shops and eateries and a really lovely pub where I can hand on heart say I had the best squid of my life. The pub was called The Old Success in and it served the thirst quenchingly awesome St Austell Korev lager. Sennen Harbour is pretty and is home to a quaint art gallery that I peered into but daren't enter with a three year old. After so much walking in Somerset it was good to turn the dial down a notch and lounge in the sun and play with the kids, and our eldest got to try body-boarding for the first time. We spent a couple of days down here as it was so idyllic in a changeable climate and we were not too far away from camp if the weather took a turn.

If you want to book a stay at this campsite visit:

To eat some of the best squid you can ever try visit:

Walking to Sennen Cove from our Trevadra Farm Campsite
Father and sons walking to Sennen Cove
A smaller cove on the way to Sennen Cove
Our first glimpse of Sennen Cove
Walking down towards Sennen Cove
Wonderful sandy beach at Sennen Cove
Surfers on Sennen Cove
Surfer Watching at Sennen Cove
Surfs up at Sennen Cove
Surfer at Sennon Cove
Child body boarding at Sennen Cove
Cornish treats
Inside the Old Success pub in Sennen Cove
Crispy Squid at the Old Success Inn
Cornish Mussels and Korev lager in the Old Success Inn

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