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Camping with Dogs: Welcome Digby the latest edition to the Camperlives Family

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

It's become an annual visit now, on the last weekend of the camping year, to stay at Longmeadow Campsite in Brockenthurst. It's that final camp that welcomes in the Autumn and then gives us a couple of months respite while we gear ourselves up for Christmas. This time we had some extra visitors at the camp - free-roaming pigs!

However, it turns out Christmas arrived early in our house after finding our Fox Red Labrador puppy (after much cajoling from all the boys in my family - Dad included!).

I also blame my friends who had their dogs at this weekend's camp. We had a couple of lovely forest walks including finding a rope swing over a river the kids and dogs alike enjoyed and, lunch in the very nice Huntsman of Brockenhurst. All in all making it a very pleasant dog-friendly weekend. So welcome to my new Dog Friendly category and Digby our most wonderful dog who will be giving me a fresh perspective on all my reviews moving forward no doubt.

As a new pup Mumma I really want to hear from you in how best to take your dog camping in your campervan and any tips and tricks you have up your sleeves. This is a whole new world opening up for me in 2024.

River runnning through the New Forest near Brockenhurst

New Forest pony near Longmeadow campsite in New Forest

New Forest Ponies near Longmeadow Campsite in New Forest

New Forest pigs coming to visit in Longmeadow Campsite, New Forest

Pigs roaming round our campsite in the New Forest

River view in the New Forest

New Forest ponies

boy swinging on a rope swing in the New Forest

Fox Red labrador puppy resting on his bed

Close up of a fox red labrador puppy

Digby the fox red labrador, part of the family

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