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Visiting a small part of the Yorkshire Dales: Part 1 - Settle; Ingleborough and Malham

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

After the high of leaving Wales, part 2 of our holiday was in the Yorkshire Dales, again another part of the world I haven't been to. Our start was a wet one, after setting up camp we had a mooch around our campsite at Knight Stainforth; while there was a break in the weather, and we were delighted to find a river along the back and the fisrt (as it turned out) waterfall. The campsite was everything we wanted and very centrally situation in the most beautiful part of the Dales. It also has an onsite restaurant that does breakfasts and takeaways, which was a real treat. Next day was a right off and we (parents) were a little tired so we found an Everyman Cinema in Clitherhoe and decided to treat the kids; also kit out the elder man with some waterproof trousers. Citherhoe is a lovely little market town where we found a great vinyl shop and second hand book shop. We couldn't resist buying from both, and it was good to get the kids a book as the met forecast did leave us a bit worried.

The next day tentatively looking at the forecast we decided to walk to some caves figuring if it starts to rain we are sheltered a bit. So off we went to Ingleborough Cave. The cave is reached by walking the Ingleborough Nature Trail which is a woodland walk along the valley until you reach the Ingleborough cave. The cave was once the outflow for the streams that flow through the Gaping Gill Cave system, now they are running at a lower level, the passages can now be accessed by visitors, which are full of stalactites and stalagmite and flowstones. The cave walk is most impressive and at the end there is more exploration for caving expers, so you wonder how far this actually goes. After walking through the cave we decided to walk a bit further up, ascending the gorge, we then decided to climb the top of the hills to take in the vast valley views. It only occurred to me after that we were just over halfway of walking Ingleborough - maybe next time!

Day 3 was my day, an outstanding circular walk around Malham, taking in Janets Foss waterfall, Gordale Scar and Malham Cove. I can't begin to describe how wonderful and truly awesome this walk is, it's, like a lord of the rings novel in one walk - epic! Firstly the gentle walk to Janets Foss was delightful, then as you enter the enchanting woodland following the ravine up you then reach Janets Foss and the plunge pool at her feet. Then you make your way up and out of the woods and head to Gordale scar. The scale of it is breathtaking, making you feel like a hobbit. According to our walking book you can climb up Gordale Scar, but the heavy rain made this treacherous, especially with two young children, so we took the alternative route (thankfully there is an alternative route for those who do not want to scale a waterfall). We followed the hilltops until we could see the infamous limestone pavement of Malham Cove and the great panorama it affords when you are on top of it. The kids loved this bit as it gives you a real sense of adventure. Then you descend down limestone staircase back to Malham Cove. The view as you leave the Cove back to the village is stunning. After this epic walk we booked a table at The Lister Arms and had well deserved refreshments and great food in a lovely cosy atmosphere to rest our weary legs.

What an absolutely incredible start to our week in Yorkshire!

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