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Part two of King Arthur trilogy - visiting Camelot (Cadbury Castle) and another awesome picnic spot

We lost a day in Somerset due to Storm Ellen so spend most of it in the launderette in Wells and then went for a curry, so we were delighted that our last day started with a sunny morning. Today we were following our King Arthur thread by visiting Cadbury Castle, which is a bronze and iron age hill fort in South Cadbury. This was a military stronghold for over 4000 years and the first earthen ramparts were raised in the Stone Age. It has been suggested that the site was indeed the stronghold of King Arthur during the 6th century and there is a lot of archaeological evidence to suggest Cadbury Castle was an important fortification at that time.

Today, you wind around to the top and soak up the most magnificent view of the Somerset Levels, Glastonbury Tor and the Isle of Avalon. You are majorly spoilt for choice for a decent picnic spot.

At the top is a new monument similar to that found at the top of Glastonbury Tor where you can see directions and distances to various places in the UK. After this walk you can grab a refreshment at the Camelot Inn which is in the opposite direction to the car park. So if you don't want to picnic but be awarded after your work with some food then book here:

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