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Event: Winchester Bonfire Night followed by the best cocktail bar in town.

Winchester goes big on Bonfire night, the firework display and light up Winchester event was in full swing last night. You don't need to buy tickets in advance as its an ungated event and you can buy your wax lanterns to parade through the town. If you wanted to buy VIP tickets you do get access to the launch site and the VIP bar. We were actually in Winchester tonight for a meal out with our best friends as 3 of us have birthdays around now, so we had planned to have dim sum followed by cocktails at the most intriguing of all cocktail bars, so it was an extra treat to witness the lantern parade and fireworks on the same evening. After a lovely early dinner at 7pm we were headed to the birthday destination of choice. Incognito, is a cocktail, Prosecco and Gin Parlour and is the brainchild of Nick Robinson and his wife and they bring theatre into your drinking pleasure. It really does have the wow factor with the pyrotechnics and props around cocktails to the vessels you drink them from. The concept around each cocktail gives it a Willy Wonka edge to the evening; donning hats of your choice and listening to Gin Parlour music; its a heady concoction. Not to mention the drinks themselves are utterly delicious and perfectly matched in flavour to the theme. You can book 2 hour slots, which despite us loving the place is enough to fit in 3 cocktails and after dinner wine, that really is enough, so the timing is about right. If you want a bit of magic in your evening, this is the place to come. The curtained entrance makes you feel you are entering a prohibition gin joint, its all very secret, and the quirky decor and excellent theatrical service adds to the theme. I can't recommend this place enough, Bravo!

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