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A Week's camping in North Wales - Part 2: Conwy, Rhos-on-Sea and Anglesey

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

The next day was a sunny one so on recommendation from a fellow camper, we drove out to Anglesey to Newborough Forest. Newborough Forest is one of the largest red squirrel reserves in the UK, and it is here that you can take the 4 mile walk down to the beach. Sadly, whether it was through children's excitements or moans of are we nearly there yet, the squirrels decided to stay on the down low. One thing I will add, the walk is beautiful but when carrying beach paraphernalia it does seem much longer. It is also a bike route, so next time bikes all the way or at least a trolley to lug the gear with, would be much more beneficial. However, the view that greets you when you do reach Llanddwyn beach it is breath-taking. You can see all the mountains of Snowdonia one side with a long sandy beach and rocky outcrops to climb. This was also the day however that the jellyfish decided to visit, so it made for an interesting navigation of the sea, which is something as a family we have never had to do before. There is also an interesting walk to Goleudy Twr Mawr, and the views walking back to Llanddwyn beach is awesome as you can see both coves clearly. Approaching Twr Mawr Lighthouse there are religious structures leading to it. This really is the most beautiful beach I have been to in the UK, no wonder a walker on route said this is her happy place that she travels to each summer!

The next days was a day dedicated to the little man, so we went to Rhyll to to the Seaquarium in Rhyll, where we saw sea lions close up. We weren't too taken with Rhyll after yesterdays idyllic beach so we decided to get in the van and find somewhere else for lunch. It was a finger on the map job and we decided upon Rhos-on-Sea. We all fancied fish and chips and as luck would have it the takeaway we found had the accolade of being the best Fish and Chips in Wales! The restaurant is called The Galleon (please do not be deterred from the website, it really is the BEST fish and chips I've ever had!) They were not wrong, I literally keep dreaming about this lunch. We took our spoils and headed to the beach for some al fresco fish and chip eating action (the best kind of course!). Rhos-on-sea was charming, small and lovely and clean and quite peaceful, perfect! We sat and ate our chips on the jetty in the harbour, I turned round to my youngest as I frequently do and say 'This is the life'! As a treat on the way home we dropped in on the Bodnant Welsh Food shop for some campsite treats and Welsh Lamb for tea. The next day was my day! (Did I mention that I love castles?) Only one thing for it, a day out in Conwy to check out it's castle. As castles go Conwy is pretty breath-taking and the walled-market town within is so quaint and exciting to walk around with its quirky shops and streets. We spent all morning wondering around the castle and admiring the coastal views along the parapets. After a spot of lunch we took a wonder to the harbour and chanced upon the smallest house in Britain (that used to house a 6ft man!, literally a glorified shed). As we sat on the beach admiring the views of the castle; a very kind family leaving for the day, donated us their crabbing gear. Ensued, an impromtu crabbing session. Now as a seasoned crabber my heart sank at the look of the tiny bag of bacon at the end of a hook (one has learned in the past the big netted versions are in order to avoid the crying disappointment of small children) But such generosity and wide eyed wonder from my youngest (who was too young to do this before) meant I had to go with it. However the power of the crabbing gods was called upon and we had our best ever crabbing outing ever! And they were big! Joy upon joy. We rounded off our supremely successful day with a lovely stone cooked steak at the Lava Kitchen, its was delicious. This was the end of our week in North Wales, for me the first time in Cymru, and I didn't want to leave, such a beautiful place.

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