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Camping Hack: Plastic Drawers as a makeshift van larder

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

This is our first big trip. Our drawers in the van are tiny really so I am not sure how to get my weeks worth of shopping in, until on a free local site a friend was giving away some plastic drawers that I nabbed. My thinking is the draws are going to be laden down with tins and heavy items on the bottom so should be fairly stable when driving and could tie it with a rope around the front chair.

However this works a charm and got most of my food in it and other important items at the top, like printed tickets, itinerary, maps, fire flint and my first aid box. I instantly feel less stressed now about all the stuff we need to pack. I'd love to hear what your best camping hack is?

Camping Hack: Plastic Drawers as a makeshift larder

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